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Macon County Environmental Health

1830 Lakeside Drive, Franklin, NC 28734

tele: (828) 349-2490
tele: (828) 349-2489

fax: (828) 349-4136

Office Hours:
M - F 8AM - 4:30 PM

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Macon County Health Department - Environmental Services
Fast Track Permitting
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fast Track?
Fast Track is an "outside the box" concept directed at speeding up the process and reducing the overall backlogs. Fast Track is a health department project intended to speed up the septic system permit process by allowing licensed soils scientists and professional engineers in the private sector, hired and paid for by the person needing the septic permit, to perform necessary soils evaluation and septic system design work.
Due to state statutes, only licensed soils scientists and professional engineers will be allowed to participate in the Fast Track process. The health department will serve as the review agency for proposals submitted under Fast Track, and will continue to issue the septic permits as required by state law.

2. Will All Septic System Permit Requests Now be Fast Track-ed?
No. The process will be voluntary for individuals on the regular work list. Developers, multiple lots of three (3) or more, are limited to two applications per day and a maximum of 20 applications in a calendar month.

3. How Will Fast Track Speed Up the Permit Process?
Fast Track permit applications will receive priority, processing within two (2) weeks.

4. Where Can I Find a List of Licensed Soil Scientists and Professional Engineers?
Secure a list of licensed soil scientists working Fast Track from
A list of professional engineers can be obtained from the Macon County Website.

What Are the Costs to Have a Septic System Permit Application Fast Track-ed?
You will have to retain the services of a licensed soils scientist or professional engineer to do evaluation and design work. The benefit and savings will be the time to start your project. Application fees have also been reduced to $100 for residential permits. Fast Track does not apply to commercial applications.

Checklist For Licensed Soils Scientists & Professional Engineers

ALL of the Following Must be Completed to the Satisfaction of the Health Department Staff Before YOUR Septic System Permit Application Will be Placed on the FAST TRACK List.

_____ Macon County Public Health Center Application For Improvement Permit form completed and properly signed by owner and applicant (15A NCAC 18A .1937).

_____ NCDENR Soil/Site Evaluation for On-Site Septic System form completed - clearly describing all soils for the site. (15A NCAC 18A .1939). The soil evaluation, under NC Statute, can only be performed by a licensed soil scientist.

The design itself may be submitted by either a licensed soil scientist or a professional engineer. We encourage use of test pits for site soil evaluations when possible.

Test pits, if used, must have been dug recently enough to be evaluated by the Department at the time of evaluation. This will facilitate the Departmentís review and approval of permits. Pits must be located to be representative of the area required for the system and repair area.

_____ A Detailed Site Plan (preferably to scale) which includes the following minimum information:

    _____ North Arrow

    _____ All proposed and existing structures

    _____ Drives and parking

    _____ Wells

    _____ Waterways and wetlands

    _____ Setbacks and rights of way

    _____ Reference point/s and elevation benchmark

    _____ Relevant elevations (preferably contours) for pumped systems

    _____ Layout of system with drain lines and laterals along contours
             and installation details of distribution system and drain field

_____ All necessary calculations supporting design proposal for initial septic system and proposed repair area.

Approval of this application will be based on an on-site evaluation by a representative
of this Department with the soil scientist/professional engineer, or their knowledgeable representative.  In preparation for the visit, all items indicated on the site plan must be
clearly identified in the field by staking and flagging as necessary to review and
approve the proposed plan.

Click here for a .pdf copy of the above checklist document

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